The contact with “best agers” is an enriching experience for the hosts.

You are living abroad, and you are missing things from home? In particular family and friends who used to be close to you, who speak your language, who understand your particular needs, who can help you and spend time with you, and whom you do trust?

Here comes Madame Grand-Mère

Based on your individual requirements we will find the right “Grand Mère” for you, someone being interested in the culture and in the people of the country you currently live in. While staying with you and being part of your family, “Grand Mère” will help you with all the daily tasks that have been agreed to by both parties beforehand.

How to apply?

As you meet on a voluntary base, you will have a great time together! In order to ensure that you will spend a time to remember together, we would like to know about you as much as possible to satisfy you. Therefore, please send in a handwritten letter, stating:

- The desired period of the stay

- Your expectations toward the Grand-Mère

- How, and to which degree, your Grand-Mère can help and become part of the family

- How you imagine the living-together

Please send your letter to:

Madame Grand-Mère
Goethestrasse 15
D – 83209 Prien am Chiemsee

We will then get in contact with you, and we will as well be happy to answer any of your questions on how things are organized.

Are you interested in our services, but you do not yet want to fix anything?

Please mail to and we will add you to our distribution list.

We will send you our newsletter.


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