Becoming an Au-Pair 50+ – an experience for soul and five senses

You successfully finished your career in business or at home, and you are still full of energy and ready to discover foreign countries!

In order to discover the region of your choice, it is usually not enough to travel alone and stay anonymously in some hotel. Experience the direct contact – from the point of view of a local.

Despite your desire for an adventure, you prefer a certain degree of safety adapted to your situation, and to be welcomed by people you can trust. We take care of that! We go out and find YOUR host family, that matches your expectations and that is willing to help you during your stay.

Our selected host families, which were contacting us through international organizations or which were identified by multinational companies as “seekers”, live and work “out there”, abroad, without family or grand parents. They may have just arrived in the new location, being still without any local friends.

These families will welcome you with arms wide open, because you do bring a little bit of “home” and some German culture with you. You will help the family to deal with the daily tasks just by offering them part of your time. Time to help with the homework or with other leisure activities, time to read telltale stories for the little ones or time to cook the family’s favourite dish.

In return, your hosts will let you stay at their home without any charges, and will provide you with the necessary shelter you desire. How much spare time you will have during your stay, you decide yourself before the journey starts.

How to apply?

As you meet on a voluntary base, you will have a great time together! In order to ensure that you will spend a time to remember together, we would like to understand and adjust to the maximum possible to your wishes. Therefore, please send in a handwritten letter, stating:

- The desired period of the stay

- Your expectations for this trip

- Your expectations towards your host family

- What you can do to help and to become part of the family

Please send your letter to:

Madame Grand-Mère
Goethestrasse 15
D – 83209 Prien am Chiemsee

We will then get in contact with you, and we will as well be happy to answer any of your questions on how things are organized.

Are you interested in our services, but you do not yet want to fix anything?

Please mail to and we will add you to our distribution list.


Additional services:

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Care Travel (stays between 8 weeks and 1 year)
Care Holiday (stays f0r max. 8 weeks)

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