A self-made experience, leading to the idea of placing best-agers abroad

Support from the spare-grandma from “Good-old Germany”

As her husband worked for the United Nations, Kristin Emmerinck lived abroad for many years. It was always a big event, when 65-year-old “aunty” from Germany came to stay for as many weeks as possible. She picked up the youngsters from the kindergarten, did some shopping and, last but not least, cooked the most-wanted German meals for the family.

For Kristin this was such a relief and allowed her to follow-up with as many voluntary tasks and being present at some of the official events.

A trip to Paris – the inception on an idea

At the age of 63, Kristin Emmerinck accepted the task of being such a grandma – in French “Grand Mère”. Like that, she made a long-time dream come true: living in France and studying French culture and language.

During the day she went to the language school, explored the city together with the other pupils or on her own, and in the evenings she helped the daughter of her hosts with her German homework.

These three months in Paris was for her the most fabulous adventure, a fountain of youth for someone at her age.

Madame Grand-Mère – An idea was born

Kristin Emmerinck wants that more ladies and gentlemen of the generation 50+ can make such a wonderful experience. That is why she founded “Madame Grand-Mère”.

Using her experience of knowing needs and advantages of both sides, “best-agers” and host families living abroad, Kristin Emmerinck can build the interface between these two. Identifying matching parties which are complementary to each other, and to help that these two can have a wonderful time together: it is not less than that, what Madame Grand-Mère expects offering her services.

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