Report from an Australian host-family

Dear visitor,

Three years of successful connecting produced numerous positive reports – how wonderful! We are proud of this success as it is based on extensive and thorough preliminary work, personal contact as well as careful selection of applicants.

Our latest report is about a Grand-Mère visiting Australia. It is so touching that we could not else as to publicise it on our website.

A wonderful work is performed by our „Grannys“. Many ladies are true presents for the host families and we are pleased to see that this value is highly appreciated by the families.

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Swinging-Fair in Leipzig…

Surrounded by music and dance, supplier for cosmetics, health, further education, performances a.s.o. for the generation 50plus, we felt best-placed.
Having personal contacts to many colleagues and guests we had this feeling of “good to be here in Leipzig”!
Thanks to all our visitors.

Kristin Emmerinck
1. president
Non-profit association  „Madame Grand-Mère e.V.”

Carlo von Tiedemann presented his new book „Ü60, na und?!“ (older than 60…so what?!) and he visited our exhibition stand.

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“Madame Grand-Mère” – An open letter from Kristin Emmerinck

Prien, January 25, 2011

“In Summer 2009 I moved for a couple of months to Paris. Being no longer in the fifties, I wanted a dream from my youth to become true: Experience France and its culture, and learn the sound of the French language.

It took me quite some efforts and a lot of luck to find a guest family, helping me with my first steps abroad. The family’s daughter was in need for some help in preparing her “Baccalauréat”, the French high school graduation, which she was about to take. So I helped her when she struggled with the particularities of the German language, and in return I could stay at her family’s place.

During the day I spent most of the time at the language school. There I met people of all ages, which was like a fountain of youth for me. We went out together for lunch, explored the city and, of course, dived into the nightlife.  I often spent time all on my own, sitting somewhere in Saint-Germain-des-Près – my preferred quarter – and I still remember the self-made tourist guide Raphael – big smile 

This stay abroad has been of particular value to me, as I experienced the free and easy way of life, like the one of the young au pairs coming from Germany, which my family hosted years ago.

Being part of the big family of UN employees, we were living with our three children in various countries. We found an agency that would place some young Germans (girls) in our family, in order to help us in our daily life and to bring with them a little bit of “home”.

Having experienced both scenarios, it made me think about a way to ease and improve service offers of that kind – Madame Grand-Mère® was born!

Independent Ladies and Gentlemen, having finished their working life and having children that are now grown ups, go out and travel! Living together with their hosts, they can experience foreign cultures, and at the same time be the grandma reading stories for the little ones, or being the grandpa playing football, or just being there as a friend with a helping hand – a gift for all families living far away from their grand parents. Members of both groups have their individual character and particular expectations. My personal experience will help you to identify the right match for you!

Madame Grand-Mère – Kristin Emmerinck

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One Response to “Madame Grand-Mère” – An open letter from Kristin Emmerinck

  1. catherine chalk says:

    What a wonderfull idea!! If I can be of any help do not hesitate to call me.. I had been the mother of a very big family all gone from home now and I just arrived in Leipzig with my husband. We used as well to move a lot everywhere on this planet with children so I know what is it to have some ” older”in the area.
    Congretulation again, I am part of IWC Leipzig and I still work a little overseas but most of the time I will be home in Leipzig.
    I am French, my husband is British and Australian. I am a granny already but they are in Hollande and in France.
    Please feel free to pass my contact to any young mother around.

First contacts…

Obviously, I notified all my friends about the go-live of the Madame Grand-Mère website!

The positive feedback is very encouraging! In particular the following comment of a friend from the north put a big smile on my face.

(Dear Andrea, YES WE CAN…we can make your dream come true!)

Andrea’s comment:

“Dear Kristin, …congratulations for this fabulous idea of a start-up! Reading through all (!) the pages of your site, I could see and hear you talking as if you were in front of me – together with the photo a nice memory.

The funny thing is, that, the other day, me and a friend of mine, we were jealously thinking about our sons living abroad for one year, and that our time for such adventures would be over.  But then my friend said that it would be exactly the contrary: we still have a lot to give, and as “late-au-pairs” we could travel the world, and that there must be something existing to make that happen…I have to admit “Madame Grand-Mère” sounds much better.

Now that I know there is a company offering exactly that service, I am really looking forward to that experience…

I believe that by now your French must be quite good – there is always room for improvement, right? Did you manage to learn that language in the three months?

I am really happy for you, and your life in southern Germany sounds like being the perfect thing. I will forward the link to your website to all potential candidates. If everybody does that, your business should soon take off and fly. I really hope it works, and that you will still have time for your private life…?!

From Hamburg with love


Dear Andrea, thank you for your positive thoughts. Very motivating!


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Media update: photos

In order to make a placement service like Madame Grand-Mère evolving successfully, it needs to be well known.

In our particular case, we need to ensure that information about the services offered by Madame Grand-Mère  is available to both groups, potential guest families living outside of Germany, and Ladies and Gentlemen of the generation 50+.

A broad spread of information is of big help for us. In our Media section, editors will find a selection of articles and photos ready to be published.

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SKYPE™ with Madame Grand-Mère

In order to establish and keep contact – even to remote locations – Madame Grand-Mère uses from now on Skype™.

Skype™ is a free Internet based phone service, which allows for video transmission .


We will be available on Skype™, user ID “madame-grand-mere”, to directly answer your questions about our services.

Feel free to contact us in case you require assistance in setting up and using Skype™!

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Madame Grand-Mère at German “RFO-Economy Talks” TV show, February 17, 2011

Our first public interview: on February 17, we were invited to present our placement services at the RFO Economy Talks. RFO is the Bavarian Regional TV channel, and the talk master Stefan Mathä invited “Madame Grand-Mère” Kristin Emmerinck to answer questions about her new business. The program will be broadcasted hourly from 6:45pm.

Update 18.02.2011

Being in front of the camera has been an exiting and at the same time motivating experience! A big THANK YOU to the editor and the team in the studio!

Watch the video!

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