Madame Grand-Mère connects Ladies and Gentlemen of the 50+ generation with guest families abroad.

By applying a high degree of sensibility while respecting the personality of both parties, guest families and best-agers, we personally ensure an optimal contact between those two. Like that, we make sure the base for a successful experience is made.

Kristin Emmerinck vermittelt persönlichFormerly, Kristin and her family hosted Grannys themselves. In 2009 Kristin went to France and became herself a Senior Au-Pair.

With the intention to allow a broader community making the same experience, and to carefully prepare for a positive result, Kristin founded in 2010 the agency Madame-Grand-Mère.

Being a non-profit organization, this idea is a precious tool for a high quality exchange, and meets a social Zeitgeist.


Personal connection

During a first personal contact we meet with the interested parties and learn about you and your personal preferences. Considering additional parameters, we will then establish a tailor made connection.


Eye-to-eye with a new culture

DLiving with a family being already locally integrated, life of the Senior Au-Pairs happens close to local daily business, and in local language. An unfiltered experience of foreign countries and cultures.


Once you will be back…

Madame-Grand-Mère stays in contact with you while you are abroad, until you will be back home. The satisfaction of both parties has highest priority for us.

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